About Joyce Korban

Established in 2010, today Joyce Korban is global brand with the power of the internet, retailers and approved distributors.

The founder, Joyce Korban, have always been the creative and stylistic source of all the brand’s activities as well as the driver behind the development strategies based on balanced growth on a global scale and focus on the core business.

The Group designs, produces and distributes high-end leather goods and accessories.

Being an avid collector of Louis Vuitton and Hermes products, and wanting to care for such exquisite pieces, Joyce Korban was borne out of the desire to create a unique supplementary range of luggage covers to protect and preserve these exclusive items whilst keeping their beauty visible for all to admire.

As a manufacturer of luxury goods we understands and acknowledge the requirements of our discerning customers for exclusive and fashionable products. Only the highest quality materials are used to produce functional designs that meet the particular needs of the 21st century, it is our fundamental goals to cater for the demand of the elite consumer, traveller and the corporate gift market. All our products are especially made and tailored to fit and protect, they are all handmade, stitched and assembled by our most experienced and skilled craftsmen.

Following the success of our initial products and the increased awareness of our brand in this sector, we developed our product range to include iPhone and iPad cases & battery, Louis Vuitton luggage covers, wallets, credit card holders, beach bags, laptop bags, toiletry bags, baby bags, rucksacks, sport bag and a variety of garment covers. We study each design in detail before creating our products with the highest precision and craftsmanship. From our handcrafted zip pullers to our carefully selected leather hides, we ensure that only the finest quality materials are used throughout. This philosophy is embodied right through to our luxurious packaging.



  •  Automne VII for LV Sirius 70
  •  Claude for LV Cruiser Bag 45
  •  Cyrus VII for LV Satellite 70
  •  Darius VI for LV Pegase 60
  •  Darius VII for LV Pegase 70




  • Alice II for LV Speedy 30
  • Alice III for LV Speedy 35


  • Le Classic Garment Cover 100 cm
  • Le Classic Garment Cover 135cm
  • Le Classic Garment Cover 147cm
  • Le Classic Garment Cover 175cm




  • Le Synclair Cosmetic Toiletry Unisex Wash Bag II
  • Le Synclair Cosmetic Toiletry Unisex Wash Bag III


  • Le Atome Laptop bag with Multi-section in Black & Red cloth lining
  • Le Atome Laptop bag with Multi-section in Brown & Orange cloth lining
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