Darius VII for LV Pegase 70


Our exclusive Joyce Korban luggage cover, made out of super-clear PVC and the finest brown leather, is especially tailored to fit and protect the LV Pegase 70. All our covers are handmade, stitched and assembled by our most experienced and skilled craftsmen. This exclusive range is water resistance and will protect your master piece from grease stains, scratches, scrapes, spills and even rain and snow. It is designed to protect your pulley from the mishandling of airline luggage staff and the hotel’s concierge. The protective design leather corners are there to prevent damage to your master piece from unnecessary bumps, drops or while on the luggage carousel.

Darius VII is constructed from premier quality super-clear PVC which will protect, and at the same time display, the original beauty and pattern of your master piece. This finely designed case will fit around the rod and wheels like a glove, allowing your pulley still for normal use. For easy access to your luggage, our cover is designed with the highest quality YKK zip and runners, with a golden brass double zipper keeping your pulley secure from any tampering. Included are removable, clip-on handle covers for keeping your master piece clean and safe while on the move or stored.

Simply put, our Darius VII cover acts as a see-through jacket to protect your luggage from wear & tear that frequently occur during travel. Not only have we managed, with our unique design, to display the beauty and originality of your master piece, but at the same time to keep it intact in its most prestige condition during any short break, business trip or long haul voyage, giving you a peace of mind during the stress of 21st century travel.



  • Made out of Super Clear PVC
  • The Finest Brown Leather
  • YKK Zip & Runner
  • Leather Corners
  • Double Golden Brass JK Zip Puller
  • Golden Brass Buttons & Clip on Handle Covers
  • Dimensions in cm: H25.5 x W69 x D51.5

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Weight 5 kg


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