Alice III for LV Speedy 35


Alice III is a cover especially designed to fit and protect the Speedy 35 series from the rain, snow and during your voyage. This exclusive range, as well as being water resistant, can protect your bag from scratches, spills, and even preserve it while being stored.

Gone is the day, whilst in the airport going through those x-ray machines, that your master piece gets handled, touched and mishandled by those unwanted hands!! It takes less than a minute to put on your transparent, Alice III cover, which will protect your bag and keep your mind at rest.

Our clear TPU cover has especially strengthened openings made to fit snugly around your Speedy 35 handles. Around the bag, the cover drapes gently like a cape. Further, Alice III is especially designed with small openings in its base, to allow your bag to breath.

When not in use, Alice III folds away in your Joyce Korban pouch and slips easily into your handbag.



  • Made out of TPU (Fully Recyclable)
  • Hand Made, Stitched Yellow Pouch
  • Joyce Korban Logo

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