Le Classic Garment Cover 147cm


Our Joyce Korban Dress Cover is made out of the highest quality materials and finishes. On one side it is super clear. The other side is manufactured from the highest quality cotton with a full length of the premier YKK Zip.

Le Classic Dress Cover see-through front is highly practical, as it makes it perfect for spotting your individual garment while stored away safely. On the other side the cotton material allows air to circulate, letting your garments to breathe whether they are fur, wool, cotton or cashmere. Inside the dress cover are our practical, stitched mesh pockets, situated on top and lower sides, that will store your lavender or moths balls in place, keeping away those unwanted odours or insects.

No more getting frustrated to find your right garment, or opening your dress cover to find that moths have gobbled away the most memorable, expensive evening garment, or that once-worn cocktail dress! Thanks to the combination of our super clear TPU and 100% cotton, together with our inside stitched mesh pockets all your nightmares are finally over.



  • Super Clear TPU (Fully Recyclable)
  • 100% Highest Quality Cotton
  • YKK Full Length Zip
  • 2 Stitched Mesh Pockets
  • Top Hole for Hanger Hook
  • Lower Eyelet Hole Allowing Easy Carrying When Draped in Half
  • Joyce Korban Logo Printed in Bottom Back Corner
  • Dimensions in cm: L147x W61x D14cm Length and Width

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Weight 5 kg


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